Radio-Frequency Device Training (Body Contour and Microneedling)

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Radio-Frequency Device Training (Body Contour and Microneedling)

Embark on an exciting educational journey in the world of advanced aesthetics! Uncover the intricacies of the GFE process and its rationale, delve into the Consent Process, and master the assessment of indications and contraindications for various treatments. Immerse yourself in the analysis of transformative Before & After photos, engage in discussions on Charting Gold Standards, and explore the critical domain of Complication Management. Gain comprehensive knowledge about the mechanism of action of radio-frequency energies and Fitzpatrick skin types, with a sharp focus on safety implications. Understand both on-label and off-label indications, mastering proper machine usage, including changing settings, handpieces, and disposables. Familiarize yourself with pre & post-care instructions, desired clinical endpoints, associated surface body temperature, and effective treatment documentation. Demonstrate your proficiency in aseptic techniques, preventing adverse events such as epidermal damage and excessive lipolysis. Acquire a deep understanding of proper treatment settings and review protocols/standard settings. Articulate possible side effects and risks, recognizing the importance of notifying the medical director in case of patient dissatisfaction or adverse events. Be well-versed in adverse event/emergency protocols, ensuring you have the necessary personal protective items for treatment. Acknowledge the risks associated with biohazards and master proper biohazard disposal. Ensure thorough understanding by engaging with the protocol and answering all questions. Ready to elevate your expertise in advanced aesthetics? Enroll now and let the engaging exploration of knowledge shape your aesthetic journey!

Pre-Course Work Required

Areas of Focus:

Face and Body

Suggested Injector Level

Level 1 – 4

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