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Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic Medicine is the leading platform for continuing education for new and experienced aesthetic practitioners. With our aesthetic medicine training in Beverly Hills, we take a comprehensive, scalable, and modular approach to expand the practitioner’s clinical knowledge and business acumen, complete with fellowship opportunities under the direct supervision of nationally recognized trainers.

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We foster a collaborative (as opposed to competitive) environment, wherein practitioners from across the country share information while expanding their existing knowledge base.

Our aesthetic medicine practitioners and trainers take a comprehensive and holistic approach to expanding your clinical skills and business acumen. We take you through the multiple phases of considerations for all treatment zones to determine the appropriate product of choice for all treatment areas and patients. We also educate you on the systematic assessment and treatment approach to curate personalized treatments.

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Beyond expanding your clinical skill sets, we provide extensive courses to develop your business acumen. We provide unique insight, skills, and strategies to effectively market and promote your aesthetic practice, so you can reach the ideal demography of patients. Whether you want to advance your clinical knowledge and skills or gain aesthetic practice management knowledge, we have unique modules just for you with our aesthetic medicine courses in Beverly Hills.

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We provide top-tier continuing education for the aesthetic medicine industry

Our modules are uniquely designed to be scalable, making them valuable for new and experienced aesthetic practitioners alike.

Hands-On Experience

Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic Medicine provides opportunities for 3 to 5 days of fellowship programs under the direct supervision of nationally-renowned aesthetic medicine practitioners and trainers. The fellowship programs are spearheaded by experts from the aesthetic medicine industry, including plastic surgeons, registered nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and business leaders.

Practitioners can participate in the hands-on fellowship programs after completing the didactic learning modules online. Under the direct supervision of our national trainers, you will assess our patients, curate a personalized treatment plan, and deliver the requisite services. This provides a safe, supervised, and unique opportunity to expand your skills and gain confidence in providing the gold standard of care to patients. We award comprehensive certificates of completion to practitioners after each module of our medical aesthetics training in Beverly Hills.

Modular Approach

Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic Medicine provides a wide range of training modules that you can choose according to your specific preferences and level of expertise. We understand that a program designed for a novice might not be suitable for an experienced practitioner and vice versa. To that end, we’ve designed unique modules catering to practitioners with different levels of expertise, experience, and expectations.

You may start with novice courses that cover comprehensive information about neurotoxins and dermal fillers and then expand specific skills with our individualized modules, each designed for a specific treatment area. Our modules are uniquely divided and broken into smaller segments, each catering to a different treatment area or stage of the treatment process. Our modules allow you to experience every stage of the treatment, from the greeting room to the recovery room.

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Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic Medicine is a comprehensive and scalable platform for continuing education within aesthetic medicine. Our modules are designed to expand your existing knowledge base, whether you’re a novice or an advanced professional. Our nationally-renowned trainers provide hands-on guidance and the tools necessary to become expert aesthetic practitioners.